You can enjoy Japanese country culture through activity. Karuizawa area has lot of fun activity, making Soba (Japanese noodle), Ninjya/Shogun experience/costuming, Agriculture experience. Please find enjoyable experience in Karuizawa Area.

Sausage making

You can experience making a sausage using black pigs supervised by Meister. You can try freshly prepared on the spot. Why do not you make a sausage to memories of Karuizawa?

※About 15 minutes by car from this village

Handmade jam

Using seasonal domestic raw fruit every season, experience making a jam that you can bring your own original jam for souvenir. You can enjoy it.

The reservation is over two people by noon the day before. 

※About 15 minutes by car from this village

Soba Making

Try to make Japanese Soba noodle making. You will have the Soba which you made! 

※About 10 minutes by car from this village 


How about experiencing rice planting and rice cropping? The experience may change the whole taste of rice than before.

※20 min. by car


Strawberry picking

Karuizawa Garden Farm

※15 min. by car


Komoro Nunobiki Strawberry Farm

※35 min. by car

Eco tour

You can watch birds, squirrel and other nature animals at our Village. Karuizawa has "National bird forest", there holds bird watching tour.

※ 10 min. bu car 

Glass Making

※ 10 min. by car