This shopping mall enhances your stay with a range of the world's leading brands. Located  just Karuizawa Sta., the facility offers brands, around 240 shops with duty free.

15 min. by car.


Speaking of supermarket in Nagano prefecture, Tsuruya. There are abundant ingredients of various countries as well as Japanese food. We do not miss a souvenir. You will surely enjoy it.

5 min. by car.

Japanes Antique

Many antique shop located around Karuizawa & Oiwake area. You will find Katana sord, Japanese arms... etc.

 10 to 15 min. by car.

Sake brewery

15 Sake brewery located around Karuizawa.

You can visit brewery to see, how to make Sake and can taste Sake at the site.

Also you can buy some. 

Shikuma Nishiki (Esta. 1681)


10 winery located around Karuizawa.

You can see farm & Winery, also you can taste, buy some.