You can enjoy sports all seasons, Tennis/Hiking/Cycling/Running and Winter sports. Please play with your family or friend experience for new sports.

Ski tour from here

Around Karuizawa has over 10 Ski resort within 30min. and using snowfall machine for keeping snow when the condition is warm, it will be start open up snow resort from early November.

You can find several natural snow resort w/in 1.5 hour drive. 

From 2018-19 season, Karuizawa will offering limited reasonable ticket for over 17 ski resorts on sight.

Ice Skate

Kazakoshi Skate Rink has used for 1998 Winter Olympic curling game.

You can enjoy curling, indoor skating for all season. Outdoor skate only in winter season. 


Karuizawa-machi hold the half-marathon in May. Also Usui-Pass Hill Climb (400m differ )marathon & half-marathon in Oct. 



Mihi quidem Antiochum, quem audis, satis belle videris attendere. Hanc igitur quoque transfer in animum dirigentes.


Karuizawa has lot of cycling courses in highland resort.

Also, holding cycling events.

Zip Line Adventure

Now, breaks are starting around the world Exciting ·

Activity ZIPLINE (Zip Line)!


Take the wire rope and the pulley (pulley) in the forest,

Forest and the sky and nature from a viewpoint like a bird gliding between trees

It is an exhilarating activity felt.



Tennis court can be rent just beside the village. (June to Oct.)

Please ask for booking. ¥1,500/H