Historical Visit

Karuizawa is located on the Edo era highway "Nakasendo" & "Hokkoku Kaido". You will find so many monument of the ancient Japan. Castle, Road mark, Ninjya training places. 



Nakasendo is one of Highway at Edo era, there is still has the monument and architecture on the road, visit and feel the history. 


At Ueda, Komoro, & Saku has the Remains of Edo era castles.

You will feel "Shogun" era at the remains, museum.

Shrine / Temple

There is very unique Shrine at Karuizawa "Kumano-koutai Shrine"  built in before Edo Era.

Nagano has many temples as for history.

Also famous temple, Zenkouji, in Nagano.

More info at Village

Johmon era

 The Jomon Period is the earliest historical era of Japanese history which began around 10,000 BCE, coinciding with the Neolithic Period in Europe and Asia, and ended around 300 BCE when the Yayoi Period began. The name Jomon, meaning 'cord marked' or 'patterned', comes from the style of pottery made during that time. Although the entire period is called Jomon, various phases can be identified based on the style and intended use of the pottery.

Asama Jomon museum is located 20 min. by car.

Ninjya Village

Take up the challenges of Ninja Training to become a Ninja yourself!  Here you can gain the Mastery of the Togakushi-School of Ninja.

※ 90 min. by car